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Nathalie Brilliant is an artist, mother, teacher and guide. Her healing work is of its own creation evolved from her healing journey as a mother and woman on this earth. She weaves together various modalities into an imaginative and mindful, heart and body centered form.


Nathalie's yoga classes blend meditation, visualisation, pilates, somatics, and the dynamics of yin and yang to offer balanced movement. Within the space of yoga and movement, so much can be learned as to what shows up. These observations and lessons can then be carried off the mat into that person's life. She offers a place to look inwardly, to feel into how you respond to certain poses and through this recognise various patterning within your life that either serves you, or does not. Her classes' offer something for all -- whether you are looking for a workout, or simply a place to soften, stretch, connect and find acceptance for your body. 



Nathalie also works privately with people, primarily mothers, and women seeking to get pregnant or pregnant and teaches parent / child classes. Her fundamental mission is to help women and mothers connect to their body which hold the gemstones for healing themselves, their connection with the earth, their children, and those around them, as a means to spread health, harmony, creativity, happiness, love and deeper respect for themselves, their families and the world.