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zoom or in person sessions :

1 HR : 40 pounds

1.5 HR : 65 pounds

15 pounds every 15 minutes over

"When I say to be creative, I do not want to say that everyone should go and become great painters and great poets. I simply want to say that your life is a painting, that your life is a poem. "

- Osho

Art Therapy Session :

A therapeutic art session provides a safe space to explore and express what is being held inside the body, mind and spirit into color, shape, form, line, texture, whether abstract or more realistic. Based off of the client's situation we will explore certain kinds of media which can range from painting, to photography to wet felting. Through art making, certain inner experiences will emerge. As a guide, I will help you to better notice and track these experiences in the body as a means to better understand your own patterns and thus transform them. 

Performance Art Therapy Session :

A therapeutic performance art therapy session provides a safe space to speak about inner ideas, visions, dreams and experiences and through conversation plan out a performance piece that speaks to these ideas. Through planning the client and myself work towards creating a performance that the client performs for either myself as a witness or a group of audience members that we arrange in a gathering. 

The act of performing what is inside is immediately cathartic and a way to understand and see oneself. Through my witnessing it as a practitioner, I become the audience and can hold space for what is performed and released.

Performance can take the form of acting, poetry, music, interpretive, dance, spoken word, video, ritual etc. 

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Creative Writing Therapy Session :

A therapeutic creative writing session involves a conversation followed by a prompt based off the shared words from within the conversation. Writing can take the form of short story, prose, and/or poetry. These sessions can follow into performance.