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Mantra Deck Cards Blessed with Reiki: 


                                                              Personalized for you! A deck of hand painted cards with different mantras that speak to your paricular experience in your life now. 


You tell me what's going on inwardly for you, anything difficult you are dealing with, or anything you would like to focus on specifcally and then I create a personalized deck of mantra cards for you to use when you need. 

To use them, you simply ask a question or tap into how you are feeling, draw a card and hold this mantra in your heart for the day.


I can choose the colors for you or if you have a preference for colour combinations you love, I will use these to create your deck. 

Each deck is blessed with Reiki love and light for your healing journey. 

I am always here if you need further support. 

Cost: 40 pounds, not including shipping. 

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