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Private sessions are curated for you

zoom or in person sessions :

Each session provides a safe space to explore and express what is being held inside the body, mind and spirit. The session is based on the needs of the client. We may explore art making practices, somatic (of the body) based practices, or journeywork (diving into the subconscious through guided meditation), or working with oracle cards, movement, and voice activation.

free 30 minute exploration call can begin this process where we touch into what you would like to work on and understand, and then we can take it from there.



Private session at 1.5 HR : 85 pounds

Ritual Ceremony : 100 pounds


3 Private Sessions : 200 pounds

Divine Birth Package:

Are you thinking of conceiving? If so, are you struggling to conceive or would like to call in the spirit of your baby before doing so? Maybe you are having difficulty conceiving and if so there may be something from your past, or present blocking you. In this package we work together to unlock what may be blocking you from connecting to the spirit of your baby. We aim for a sacred conception and then I work with you in your pregnancy to prepare emotionally, spiritually and physically for labor. I then offer my presence at your labor for a portion of time to help you tap into a more spiritual and grounded mindset. After labor, I visit you in your home with your baby and hold space for your birth story to be heard and seen. 

This package may vary depending on where you are at in regards to your journey in pregnancy. I will discuss prices with you depending on your needs and how often you would like to meet. 



More information about private sessions:


Gentle yoga with Reiki, healing crystals and essential oils offered

Pregnancy yoga with Reiki available, along with those interested in having a baby -- connecting to the spirit of the baby and to guides to help you with this process of conception. 

Sessions can focus solely on yoga and stretching. Often this is connected to deeper emotional/spiritual experiences. For instance, the reason one may have a hurt knee, arthritis, or a dislocated shoulder is often rooted in something deeper -- related to work, the past, one's goals and dreams, one's current emotional situation or a combination of all mentioned. Refer to this beautiful book for more information.

Sessions may follow a deeper journey depending on what seems necessary. A conversation commences the experience in which we find an intention to work through. From here we dive into the body to explore where this feeling is being held and investigating what may be under the surface of these initial feelings. The body is the key here. When we can listen deeply to our bodies, we will be given the answers. Our feelings are a gift and a guide to unravelling and uncovering the deeper truths -- often a memory / experience from the past in which these feelings and blocks stem from, initially created as necessary and protective at the time, but may no longer be needed in this present moment. Following this, we may move into art making to explore the images that arise within the body. Another approach would be to use art as a vehicle to explore the pain specific to the body area. All sessions end with body integration, color healing and gentle sound. 

If you have any questions about the above, please email me at

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