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Nathalie is a gentle and present guide who helped me get in touch with my spirit baby before conception. We initially worked on healing past trauma and finding forgiveness, which allowed space for me to open my heart further. Her meditations took me through through various peaceful natural landscapes until I was met face-to-face with myself and future baby. I left the sessions feeling positive, lighter, and ready to bring a new life into the world.

- Caity

Sharing energy with Nathalie was both an honor and a blessing. She is such a light and is definitely harnessing her gifts in such a powerful and helpful way. My session with her was enlightening, emotional, and very cathartic. I feel renewed...and very grateful. It's crazy what life can show you if you drop your fear and operate from a place of love instead.

- Kelsey Peterson

Nathalie, A joyful, tender, perceptive guide. Mothering me home. Back to Earth,

towards my inner hearth. Her presence so pure, so soft, never forceful, yet bold, strong, devotional. Her eyes, hands, and heart, a healing balm. A colorful remedy. The safest space. Like a silken breath of wind, woven round the mighty oak, lightly, lightly she sings, bringing me back, to the angelic embrace, of my inner child. Thank you dearest Nathalie, ancient elemental soul, precious friend, for showing me how to fall back into the arms of my innately creative curious soul.

~Lucy Chenery

I am so thankful for her kind soul. Nathalie gave me so much peace and inner strength through the classes I joined during the lock down. It was an oasis of breath in the middle of this asphyxiant time. 

- Nur

I'm very grateful to have met Nathalie about 1 year ago. I joined several sessions where she invited us to use the movement of our body and art as a process of healing and meeting with ourselves.  She makes you feel comfortable to explore without being afraid or creating expectations. Thanks to her I got inspired to create a painting diary with my daily emotions and it has been a great tool to support me. 

This is one of the examples from the class. We were exploring emotions and both Nathalie and Lucy (a teacher who had led a little ceremony on that day in the class) got connected to a different painting so I felt that I probably was a messenger for them on that day. ;)

Thank you Nathalie <3

~ Ana

I participated at Nathalie's yoga and art class and it was just amazing. I was struggling with some self care and "me time" and this was just the right fit. The guided meditation was so relaxing and made me grounded and self centered for the whole day. The art part i really enjoyed as I don't find much time for art and it was so nice to combine it with the yoga. I enjoyed being able to express myself creatively. Nathalie's calm and sensible approach makes you immediately feel very comfortable. Highly recommended!

- Aisha 

Nathalie's classes [here] are so nice & calming. I've taken both her restorative class with candle light and her therapeutic yoga class and each time I've left in such a relaxed, peaceful state. She uses meditations, singing bowls, and deep stretches to get me in a state of mellow I usually don't hit in a yoga class. 
Highly recommend when you need some zen!

- Chrissy Lowe

I had the pleasure of experiencing Nathalie's Yoga, Art, and Meditative workshops, online during this crazy time (the pandemic). It gave me time to connect back to me, my playful being and bond creatively with my daughter. She is so wise! Thank you Nathalie!



Art by Ana

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