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*Please contact me for details if interested in running any of these classes at your space or home* 


Gentle Yoga:

Gentle yoga for all.

A place to stretch, connect to the body, slow down, and find more compassion and ease in the body and mind.

A very slow and easeful class for those that have never done yoga or just looking to move a little in their body and release any pain or tension in the body and mind.

9:15 AM

Morden Hall Park

book your place

Dynamic Pilates Yoga Fusion:

A dynamic yoga class fused with a pilates focus. An intermediate class with harder poses offered for the advanced. This class will get your core engaged, while adding strengthening and flow with a mix of softer and gentler poses to balance out the yang.

A fun and challenging class with good music!

Meditation and visualisation offered at the beginning and end.

Reiki offered if interested.

9:15 AM

Morden Hall Park

book here your place

My Friends playgroup:

A parent /child playgroup that weaves art making for children, guided meditation, sacred song, natural play in the outdoors with trees and sticks, a wholesome snack, and a sweet puppet show. 

This is a wonderful way to connect to yourself and your child, to tap into practices like lighting a candle at mealtime and singing a sweet blessings that can be carried into your daily rhythm at home. You will learn songs adapted from Steiner / Waldorf Education that will greet the day, a sacred practice for not only your child but yourself.

Schedule TBA

Moving Meditation Class:

A moving meditation is a practice developed by Nathalie Brilliant that stems from her performance art, yoga and various movement practices. It is a movement therapy to connect to the body and the fundamental scientific way the body wants to and can move, and from here release, find relationships with the body and the surrounding environment, and discover a relationship between blockages and inner / outer freedoms.

Schedule TBA

Mamas Support Circle:

A whatsapp group that offers support for mothers. "It takes a village" as the saying goes. The group allows mothers to discuss issues, offer guidance, and support as needed from myself and other mothers.

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