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Upcoming Workshops:

Somatic Movement and Art Workshop

Sunday 28th of April

14:00 – 17:00 PM

The_Space London


A workshop to dive deep into the body through movement, stillness, colour, line, shape, form and texture.

What does your body want to say? What are you holding, moving through, honouring, releasing? These are some of the questions and spaces we will explore through somatic movement and art making. What colours, shapes, forms and textures are within your unconscious landscape? How can we utilise art making practices as a way to express what is inward outwardly?

This workshop serves as a time and space for you to move, play, create, write and share while developing tools to work with your inner landscape through somatics, movement and art. Through somatic based movement and therapeutic art making we will connect with what is alive in your body, mind and soul.

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About Nathalie

Nathalie Brilliant is a somatic movement facilitator, art therapist and energy healer. Nathalie integrates ritual, movement, art making, breath awareness, somatic experiencing, yoga practices, nature and connection in her workshops and private sessions. She draws from the many trainings and degrees she has attained, while being with what arises within the space for her participants and her clients. Her intention is to honour the many parts, the dark and the light and everything in between, that make us whole beings on this ever-changing and grounding earth. Nathalie creates safe containers to explore, play, and dive into the many layers of ourselves with an aim to find whole body, mind and spirit connection, acceptance and healing.


Past Workshops:

Mindful Art Making Using Natural Elements : incorporating Ritual, The Senses and Art in Healing 


This workshop will invite grounding , release and creativity into your life by honoring the elements of water, fire and earth. 

Through gathering everyday living substances such as blueberries, turmeric, dirt and water, you will gain a new appreciation for these gifts.

This workshop is directed to anyone above the age of 14.


If you are a therapist, teacher or healer, this workshop will teach creative tools to work with students and clients. 

Cost: 15 - 30 pounds

To sign up : email




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