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Upcoming Workshops:

Expressive Arts Winter Workshop

Sat 28 Jan, 10am

Join me on a journey of discovery, self-care, letting go of stress, worries and tensions reflected in the body. A healing and expressive immersion in working with yourself, creatively and nature inspired.


Welcome the new year by acknowledging, exploring and flushing uncomfortable things that are still lingering in the body and mind. I will guide you into setting up an environment for a more self-caring, creative, present, life-enjoying, empowered and flowing you in 2023. This workshop will integrate aspects of movement to connect you with your body and help ease possible pain in the body and mind, art making techniques to soften the critical mind, and writing as a means of promoting more awareness and creativity. You'll work with conscious and unconscious feelings and thoughts in the body through art, movement and writing techniques. The experience will illuminate what is being held in the body and the mind to open new pathways of creative expression, transformation and understanding. You will spark a deeper connection with your overall wellbeing and create tools for mental clarity and bodily health.

If you have restricted movement, accommodation will be made. No movement, art or writing experience necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook along.

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Winter Wellbeing & Creativity Workshop

Sun 29 Jan

Embrace the new year's gifts in a workshop that connects you with the seasons and self-care through mindfulness-based art activities. A first in a series of events that will connect you with nature, creativity and tuning into your overall wellbeing.

A workshop that connects you with the winter season through mindfulness-based art activities. It will inspire a closer relationship with nature, creativity and tuning into your overall wellbeing.

The winter is a season in which the trees turn inward and darkness blankets the sky much earlier in the evenings. In this workshop, we will turn inwards through observing what is outside. Art based activities, to soften the critical mind and reconnect you with new ways of seeing and understanding yourself and what is around you, will be explored. Time in nature will be provided to find plants, pieces of bark, or a stone that speaks to you. Further on you will explore the findings through all your senses, and then rendering the experience in drawing, paint or clay, using different techniques to loosen the hand and inspire you. The theme of light and creating an inner light that glows and warms you from within will be woven through the work. A keepsake to honour and remind you of this light may be created. There will be space to share and discuss how you felt throughout the journey and what you discovered along the way.

No experience necessary. Please bring a journal along with you for writing and reflective purposes.

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Past Workshops:

Current Workshop Offering:

October Half-Term: Tree Treasure Hunt Workshop (2-6 yrs) - Mon 24 & Tue 25 Oct, 10am-4pm

Go on a treasure hunt in the park for natural materials to make your autumn story kit. This activity will spark the imagination and connect you and your little one with all the seasonal changes of autumn.

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Mindful Art Making Using Natural Elements : incorporating Ritual, The Senses and Art in Healing 


This workshop will invite grounding , release and creativity into your life by honoring the elements of water, fire and earth. 

Through gathering everyday living substances such as blueberries, turmeric, dirt and water, you will gain a new appreciation for these gifts.

This workshop is directed to anyone above the age of 14.


If you are a therapist, teacher or healer, this workshop will teach creative tools to work with students and clients. 

Cost: 15 - 30 pounds

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